This page has a list of my most current projects, related to GIS or other things.

All of these projects are poiting to the wrong repositories. Recently we’ve migrated all of our open-source structure from a private Gitlab instance to the public Gitlab instance.

In the geoadmin-opensource Gitlab group, you’ll be able to find a lot of other interesting resources and code.

The repositories can be found here:

Another interesting resource (pt-br only) is the geoadmin-edu group. In there you’ll find screencasts and full courses.

Django Chaos

Django Chaos is a project that laid the ground work for Geoadmin.

It contains most of the project and task management features you would expect on a project management system.

Since this is a open-source package, it does not try to do everything for you. But provides the necessary hooks for notifications, cascading alterations, etc.

Has DRF integrations and endpoints available.

Django Common Models

This a simple Django project that contains a bunch of models that are frequently used in my projects.

Models such as and others:

  1. CreatedByMixIn
  2. DateCreatedMixIn
  3. DateUpdatedMixIn

There are also some common serializers and utils that we’ve used over the years at SIGMA and Geoadmin.

Django File Context

Django File Context creates a File model. It allows you to attach/detach that file to any model over your database.

Has a series of DRF integrations and endpoints available.

Django Workflow FSM

Django Workflow FSM allows you to create and run FSM inside your system.

It allows for configurable at runtime FSMs and Celery integration.

That means that you can create your own FSM, just by creating a few models and then running it using the cool DRF integrations.

Django Tilestache

Django Tilestache is a integration between Tilestache and Django.

It offers a single model, that allows you to register any kind of Tilestache layer. Also it provides two specific REST endpoints:

  1. Tilestache config
  2. Tilestache tile

The first endpoint will generate a Tilestache configuration suitable for usage of any Tilestache server. The second will generate and output a tile from your Django server.

They are both optional. One cool thing here is that we’ve created a new Tilestache executable that once in a while reconfigures itself, by requesting a new configuration from the Tilestache Config endpoint.