About me

Hello everyone! My name is George and I’m a Full Stack Dev from Brazil.

I have a B.Sc. in Geography, from Universidade Federal de Uberlândia here in Brazil.

I fell in love with programming and software development around 10 years ago (it feels more) when I discovered that I could automate map publishing in ArcGIS.

From there, I learned Python, C#, PostgreSQL and PostGIS, which make up my tool belt.

I’ve worked with many companies and departments here in Brazil, in areas ranging from environment to mineral exploration, going through defense and transit and transportation.

I was a employee for a good long time, then we (me, Gustavo and Paulo) reactivated our company, SIGMA Geosistemas, providing consulting services for GIS development and GIS work, in Uberlândia - Minas Gerais. In there I was in charge of the whole development and research part.

That means that I did a lot of work developing software for our customers, managing our team and adopting the best industry practices, such as TDD, CI, etc. We even created our very own SaaS, Geoadmin, which is a platform that mixes GIS with project management.

Present time

Today I’m open for business. That means that I’m not currently formally employed. While I had a long relation with SIGMA, I’m no longer involved in the company day to day business, acting as a independent contractor.

My focus is on GIS software development (Python, Django and Django Rest Framework), with a Single Page Application front-end (such as Vue2 and React).

I’m an open source advocate and use open-source software on a daily basis. I have a few packages (listed just a few, feel free to check others in Github or Gitlab) published on PYPI, such as:

My skills are:

  1. Python
  2. Django/Django REST Framework
  3. Celery
  4. JavaScript
  5. Leaflet
  6. Mapbox GL JS
  7. PostgreSQL/PostGIS
  8. Redis
  9. RabbitMQ

What is this?

Well, this is a blog/notepad for me and my crazy ideas.

Check out the blog or the projects section.