How to use docker for GIS development

So, do you now docker, right? No? docker is a way to “virtualize” your applications in a lightweight manner. Actually docker is a container platform. It allows you build and use containers, which ideally would host a single process each. So, let’s say you have a complicated application, made up of lots of moving parts, like: Database Cache Storage Application Web server Async workers Instead of installing all those things inside your machine, you can just use containers.

New Challenges

So, this is my first post. It’s been stuck here for some time and I had a lot of things to take of, leaving this as it were. Shame on me. I’ve always liked blogging and I already had two or three somewhat successful blogs, mostly known by the people on the GIS (Geographic Information Systems) front. This should be no different :D. So, new news first: I have been an associate of a really cool company called SIGMA GEOSISTEMAS for a little over ten years.